Bi-polar · Depression · Rexulti

Trying some Rexulti


  • Lorazepam 2mg
  • Pristiq 100mg
  • Abilify 30mg
  • Gabapentin 300mg
  • Lithium 1200mg


  • Lorazepam 2mg
  • Pristiq 100mg
  • Gabapentin 300mg
  • Lithium 1200mg
  • Rexulti 2mg

My psychiatrist swears by this Rexulti, and I’ve been on it before, but I wasn’t struggling with my bipolar when I went on it, I was just depressed. Then my insurance didn’t cover it. He thinks it’s going to be the magic pill to fix me. Luckily my mood dropped while I was in there and he got to see me crying and depressed. I flat out said “you’ve got to help me, I can’t do this anymore”. and I could see in his face this expression that I felt like he heard me. I was nervous going in there as I knew I was going to demand a med change but I didn’t know what needed to be changed.

We’re going to just declare that Abilify didn’t work for me, which is good as it is either the Lithium or the Abilify making me eat like a cow. A friend of mine in AA had some weight gain issues from Abilify and a lot of my reading indicated that it makes you gain weight. I just want to eat to eat sometimes, I’m not even hungry. Just the thought of food takes over my mind and I just need to eat.

I feel a little hope, since I’ve taken this before. I feel like there is a chance for me. I need some hope. I started crying on my boyfriend’s shoulder the other night out of pure frustration. I fear he’s getting sick of hearing about it.

My children came over on Thursday night and I popped a frozen dinner in the stove. That’s about all I could muster up, but I played a game with my daughter. I’m trying so hard to make sure they don’t recognize that something is going on. I lightly mentioned it to my son one day that I was having some trouble with my bipolar but he didn’t ask anything more about it.



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